Black Refuse Bags 18″ x 29″ x 39

Black Refuse Bags 18″ x 29″ x 39

Black Refuse Sacks 18″ x 29″ x 39″

90L capacity

BOX OF 200

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SKU Size
1006-1 120g
1006-2 140g
1006-3 160g
1006-4 200g

Black Refuse Bags 18″ x 29″ x 39″

Our black refuse bags are ideal for the disposal of heavy or wet waste and refuse. This is because they are durable bin liner bags that won’t easily split or puncture.   Refuse sacks are suitable for general use as well as most big size dustbins.

Not only can these bags be used around the house and garden, they are also widely used by companies in various industries including food and retail. These bags provide water and tear resistance making them ideal choice for industrial use too.  These bags  have a capacity of approx. 90 Litres. Our  bags come in boxes of 200.

We offer these black bin bags in 4 different thicknesses: 120g, 140g, 160g and 200g.