Woven Sacks

Woven Sacks

White Woven Sacks


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708-1 12 x 18
708-2 15 x 20
708-3 18 x 24
708-4 20 x 30
708-5 24 x 40


Durable white woven sacks are ideal containers for storing products. They are sewn at the bottom with a single fold for extra strength and hemmed at the mouth for easy opening and durability. Because of it’s lightweight and durable material, woven white polypropylene bags are widely used by various companies as one of the most popular storing and carrying solution.They’ree used for carrying or storing many various goods including bricks, bolts, waste, paper, packaging stock even food products such as potatoes, nuts and seeds.

Our range of white woven sacks varies in size to meet your requirements

These heavy duty woven bags are useful for transporting and storing heavy items.  The larger size woven sacks are ideal for construction and landscaping industries because it has heavier duty and tear resistance.  J4 Packaging woven sacks come in white colour and a choice of five sizes. Our range of  woven white sacks are cost effective with great bulk order discounts.