Ribbon Steel Strapping

Ribbon Steel Strapping

Oscillated steel strapping for heavy duty strapping used for pallets and large cargos.

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509-1 12mm x 0.5mm x 398mtrs.
509-2 19mm x 0.5mm x 395mtrs.

Need something stronger than polypropylene strapping?

Ribbon or Oscillated steel strapping might be for you!

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping ideal when looking for something stronger and more durable compared to plastic strapping. It is ideal for medium to heavy loads which need securing during transit or storage.

Steel strapping is the strongest of all strapping materials. It is used when high tensile strength and low elongation is essential. Each layer of ribbon wound steel strapping is wound directly over the one below, like ribbon or tape, so that the width of the steel strap is the width of the coil itself. Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping coils contain less metal strap than oscillation wound and are therefore lighter, easier to handle and suited to low volume use. Used for palletising and strapping heavy loads. Can be used together with steel strapping trolley.

  • Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping is ideal for lighter use compared to the Oscillated Wound Steel Strapping alternative.
  • It features a single layered coil which makes it lighter for manual handling. Making it ideal for strapping smaller loads quickly and efficiently.
  • We also stock a range of strapping tools and seals for safe operation.
  • Sheared and dressed edges mean there is less risk of cuts and abrasions
  • Steel is an ideal strapping option for securing tough consignments, it will mould to any sharp edges and corners.