Yellow Hand Strapping 12mm x 1000m Reel Coil

Yellow Hand Strapping 12mm x 1000m Reel Coil

Yellow Hand Strapping 12mm wide strap x 1000 metres long

Strap Thickness: 0.9mm

Breaking Strain: 300kg


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788 0.09mm x 12mm x 1000mtrs.

A safe and easy to use flexible plastic material that absorbs shocks, will not rust and is easier to collapse than metal Polypropylene.
Strapping reels are used for bundling items together and keep them secure during transit, to strap around items to attach to pallets or crates to keep them in place and can also be used to close corrugated boxes for shipping purposes. This black strapping can be used with our hand strapping tools to strap and seal or can be used with a dispenser for easier application.