Tape Dispenser – Standard Pistol Grip Carton Sealer 50mm

Tape Dispenser – Standard Pistol Grip Carton Sealer 50mm

50mm Carton Sealer

Sturdy metal frame construction

Metal tape blade

Adjustable brake enables operator to control tape release

Accepts 132m length tapes


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784 50mm

Tape Dispenser – Hand held Carton Sealer  50mm wide tapes

This tape dispenser is lightweight yet durable, the sturdy construction of plastic and metal ensures long endurance and use. The handle provides flexible use as the  sealer can be used comfortably when packaging one product to another. The static suction grip ensures the taping process can be completed without interruptions. This carton sealer has a double sided blade and comes with a safety cap to prevent injuries and for safe storing. It also accepts upto 132m length. Tape dispensers are widely used in packaging for sealing carton boxes as well as any other packing piece.