Coloured Tape 48mm x 66mtrs.

Coloured Tape 48mm x 66mtrs.

48mm wide x 66m long Coloured Tape.

Our coloured tapes selection includes blue, gren, red and yellow.


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SKU Size
400-1 48mm Blue
400-2 48mm Green
400-3 48mm Red
400-4 48mm Yellow

Choose from various Coloured Tape

Our range of coloured tape offers you a wide choice of masking tapes in many colours.  Coloured duct tapes are ideal for a lot of different uses – insulation, decoration, sealing, bundling, marking, coding and identifying goods for shipping or storage. It can also be used for general packing purposes. We offer packaging tapes at great prices and even greater bulk purchase prices.

Perfect for using in working environments such as warehouses, manufacturing companies and many more.