Fragile Printed Tape 48mm x 66mtrs.

Fragile Printed Tape 48mm x 66mtrs.

Fragile Warning Tape 48mm wide x 66m long

High quality printed warning tape.

Red “Fragile” warning text sealing tape for marking and sealing boxes or other containers with fragile items inside.



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401 48mm x 66mtrs.

This low noise polypropylene packaging tape is suitable for busy packaging areas where constant noise can be irritating, as it unwinds quietly off the roll. Pre-printed protection tape which has dual quality of a strong sealing tape as well as of a warning label. Fragile printed tape is the best choice for sealing and marking boxes containing fragile and delicate items. The high quality printed warning tape with the word FRAGILE in red colour is very visible and the strong adhesive ensure that your package is not only securely sealed but also carries a warning message for couriers. For more comfortable and easier application we suggest using sealing tapes together with standard tape dispenser.