Vibac Solvent Tape

Vibac Solvent Tape

Vibac solvent tape 48mm wide x 66m long

Solvent tape is ideal for packaging and sealing various items especially carton boxes.
Works well at low temperature.
Solvent adhesive sticks to many surfaces and provides strong bond.


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392-1 48mm x 66mtrs Buff
392-2 48mm x 66mtrs. Clear

Vibac brand high quality general purpose tape, the solvent based adhesive provides excellent adhesion to polyethene and general packaging. The special solvent adhesive ensures that sealed carton boxes stay secured and intact during transit.
Vibac solvent  adhesive tape also performs well in low temperatures so it is an ideal packaging solution for sealing boxes or products which will be stored in the freezer or other cold places. This solvent based packaging tape comes in clear and brown colours and is 25 micron thickness.