Vinyl Vibac Tape

Vinyl Vibac Tape

Brown or Clear vinyl packing tape 48mm wide x 66m long

General multi purpose packaging tape manufactured from vinyl.
Silent dispensing vinyl tape which sticks to various surfaces.
Ideal for sealing and bundling boxes.


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SKU Size
394 48mm x 66mtrs. Buff
395 48mm x 66mtrs Clear

PVC packaging tape is ideal for packaging cartons and other containers.

This vinyl packaging tape has properties such as high tensile strength and being waterproof, PVC tape also works well in cold or hot environments. Vinyl tape also sticks well in humid areas and can be ripped by hand or a dispenser. It easily rolls off the core and doesn’t make much noise, therefore vinyl sealing tape is an ideal packaging solution in places such as the office or any other workplace. Brown vinyl tape adheres to many surfaces including paper, glass, wood and plastic without leaving any trace. This vinyl tape is ideal for multiple general purpose packaging tasks. J4 packaging offers a choice of either Clear or Brown vinyl tapes.