Grey Mailing Postal Bags

Grey Mailing Postal Bags

40mm lip with a peel and seal strip for easy and efficient closure.
60 Micron.
Our best-selling postal packaging solution.

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SKU Size
953 5" x 7" (2000s)
954 6" x 9" (2000s)
955 9" x 12" (1000s)
956 10" x 14" (1000s)
957 12" x 16" (1000s)
958 13" x 19" (500s)
959 16" x 21" (500s)
960 17" x 24" (500s)
961 24" x 36" (200s)

Postal Bags – a cost effective packaging solution

Polythene mailing postal bags are a great packaging solution. Our mailing bags are made from recycled yet high quality thick grey polythene, ideal for packing all kinds of mailing products. They are cost effective, strong and have an adhesive peel and seal strip for easy and efficient closure. The polythene postage bags can also be easily written on with a regular biro pen. Grey mailing postage bags are available in different sizes from small to extra-large to suit all your packaging needs.

Postal bags are ideal for packing, storing or sending out items such as clothing, toys and household goods. You may also consider browsing through our bubble wrap products for additional cushioning and safety for fragile items.

If you regularly send items in the post then our polythene postal bags are an absolute must. Our postage bags are Post Office and Royal Mail approved and available at wholesale prices for customers buying in larger quantities.