Arofol Bubble Bags

Arofol Bubble Bags

Arofol Bubble Bags

Gold colour Mailing jiffy bags ideal for general packing and posting uses.

High quality strong material resistant to puncture and inside cushioning ensures that the item is not damaged during the transit.

Self adhesive peel and strip.


Please Note: The sizes that are stated are internal measurements

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SKU Size
943 100mm x 165mm (Size 1) - 200s
944 120mm x 215mm (Size 2) - 200s
945 150mm x 215mm (Size 3) - 100s
946 180mm x 265mm (Size 4) - 100s
947 220mm x 265mm (Size 5) - 100s
948 220mm x 340mm (Size 6) - 100s
949 230mm x 340mm (Size 7) - 100s
950 270mm x 360mm (Size 8) - 100s
951 330mm x 445mm (Size 9) - 50s
952 350mm x 470mm (Size 10) - 50s

Arofol bubble bags are the perfect packaging solution for sending out smaller fragile items.

These arofol bubble postal bags are made of gold glazed kraft paper with bubble wrap lining on the inside to ensure that all goods stay intact during shipping.

Arofol bubble bag envelopes can accommodate many different light or medium weight items.
Our kraft bubble wrap mailers are Royal Mail and Post Office approved
This packaging solution is ideal for business selling and sending out items such as CD, DVD cases, books, comics, jewellery, cosmetics, toys and much more.
We offer a choice of sizes to suit your packaging needs.
All our postal bubble lined bags have peel and seal adhesive strip so there’s no need to use extra sealing tape.