Black Handy Wrap

Black Handy Wrap

Black Handy Wrap

17 mu

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SKU Size
941 100mm x 150m - 40 per box
942 100mm x 300m - 20 per box

We offer black handy wrap in two sizes

Our black handy wrap is ideal for securing small consignments aswell as pallets.

Use this in confined spaces, it also leaves no residue on the product as it only sticks to itself.

These rolls are also great for bundling, banding or tying and are an economical alternative to strapping, tape, twine or wire. you can used this by hand as it has a comfortable cardboard handle but you can use  with a our dispenser.

Handy wrap in black designed to stop your goods from being identified once they are on your pallet.

Available in two sizes, it leaves a compact, eye-catching, residue-free finish to your deliveries. The 100mm x 150m comes in boxes of 40 rolls and the 100mm x 300m comes in boxes of 20. Both are 17mu thick.