Plastic Edge Protectors

Plastic Edge Protectors

28 X 25mm plastic edge protectors

Low-cost, effective protection against strap damage

Usable Width: 19mm


2000 PER BOX

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466 28mm x 25mm

28 x 25mm Plastic Edge Protectors

Use our 28 x 25mm  plastic edge protectors to protect your goods from being damaged. It’s placed over the plastic edge guards before tightening to prevent the corners of the carton or pallet from being crushed.

A low cost edge protection solution, which is so easy to use, yet still effective. Protectors can represent considerable savings in terms of damage costs by protecting edges of strapped boxes or goods.

This small plastic edge protector measures 28mm x 25mm (approx) and is sold in packs of 2,000 edge protectors.