Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid free tissue paper is a soft, economical, off-white tissue. Ideal for general wrapping, scrunching, void-filling and interleaving.

450mm x 700mm

480 sheets per ream

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445 450mm x 700mm

Acid Free Tissue Paper is ideal for your Delicate Items

We are a leading supplier of Packaging goods including acid free tissue paper . We provide nationwide delivery and discounts for bulk orders. We supply our service to the trade and direct to the public without compromise on price, quality and service.

Acid free tissue paper is the perfect choice for packaging and storing delicate items such as jewellery and clothing. It is also ideal for various other fragile antique items that can react over time to the external environment.

This tissue is completely free of acids and specially designed to have a neutral PH value. Acid free tissue is a must when packing such items, because it helps to prevent acid or any poisons coming into contact with the goods, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to storing or transporting your goods.
Our selection of white acid free tissue paper is the best choice for interleaving or wrapping your delicate items. It can also be very effective when used as void filling.

These special tissues are the ideal choice for packing delicate garments such as suits and wedding dresses, baked goods, jewellery, costumes and fine textiles without fear of damaging the object or its colour.

We wouldn’t recommend you risk packing your goods in normal wrapping paper, this can become acidic and brittle over time. This acid can then transfer to your items leaving then open to discolouration and damage.

Acid free paper also looks and feels like luxury, wrapping your goods in acid free paper adds that special touch giving your goods the look and feel of quality that they deserve.